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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is Cruising Safe?

I wasn't sure it was wise to comment on this at all, but so many people have asked about the Costa Concordia that I thought a quick article might be a good idea.  It is up to you whether you think cruising is the way to go.  The short answer to people who want my opinion is "Of course, and it is probably safer now than ever."

People tend to look amused or confused when I say that.  Carnival Corporation (owner of Costa) just launched an extensive safety review across all of its brands and announced it very publicly.  Other lines will surely be conducting reviews more privately, to be sure that they don't get the wall-to-wall coverage that Costa has been receiving.  Passengers will most likely be safer than ever, as increased oversight and vigilance will start to become the norm across the industry.  Without comparing the disasters themselves, post 9/11 was probably the safest time in history to fly.  Think the same thing here.

Overall, cruising has always been a safe way to travel.  Even if there was mechanical failure, passengers never seem to be injured in those incidents (i.e. Carnival Splendor engine room fire, November 2010).  Guests are always well compensated and made comfortable when things happen at sea, which is more than many land-based destinations choose to do.

As for personal safety aboard ship, I encourage all clients to remember that common sense is applicable everywhere.  A vacation rarely means that you have been transported to a magically crime-free paradise.  Mind your belongings and yourself while on the ship as you would anywhere in your normal surroundings.  Crime rates are extremely low on cruises as compared to other destinations, but nothing is perfect.  I have been on a multitude of cruises spanning different lines and have never had an issue.

Cruising is still one of the high value ways to get away, see the world, or just relax.  Got an opinion?  Start the discussion or leave a comment!

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