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Monday, February 20, 2012

Think big for your Weekend Getaway!

Norwegian Gem
First off, thank you for all the support and calls, they have made things busy enough that updating and writing has been tough!  Made me think about taking a weekend off, and that led me back to thinking about cruises!  Having done both weekends on land and weekends at sea, I can tell you that weekends at sea are a TON more fun.  Read on for more!

Norwegian Cruises does both one and two night weekends spaced throughout the year, but mostly in the winter when their ships have a day or two to kill between sailings.  Prices vary for an inside cabin from $99 on the one-night sailings to $249 on the two-nighters.  These sailings are great for special occasions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or simply just a chance to clear your mind and literally leave the world behind.

The one-nighters are done on the Norwegian Gem (above) almost exclusively.  The Gem is a large and on the newer side as cruise ships go.  She is in New York year-round handling the Bermuda and Bahamas-Florida market.  With more than 13 food options, shows, comics, dance parties, and the casino, there is something to keep you busy no matter what your tastes.

Shakers Martini Bar....NICE.
My wife and I took a one-nighter awhile back (pre-kids!) and had a blast.  We were able to get in four really great meals, drinks, two shows, and a great view of the Statue of Liberty in one night.  We booked last-minute and ended up with the bargain price of $99 a person, plus tax, totaling about $350.  Try to go into NYC and get all that plus a hotel room for that price.  Good luck. 
Eat 24/7 at the Blue Lagoon
My favorite spot (other than the whiskey bar!) is the Blue Lagoon.  A great bar food menu 24 hours a day and 100% free.  Grab a spot by the window and have some wings or fish and chips.  I personally hit it at about 2AM on my last trip just because I could!

For those afraid to try a long cruise (you know who you are!!), this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of cruising without feeling trapped on the boat forever.  If you are an experienced cruiser, it is a great chance to get out on the boat, pad those loyalty program numbers, and have a great time.

Ready to take a weekend break and REALLY get away?  Have something special coming up?Try a weekend cruise, you won't be sorry!

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