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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Travel Tech: DCL's Wave Phone

Now that the word is out that I have (finally) booked my first Disney Cruise after being on so many other lines, I have been exploring the amenities on board that are only offered by DCL and how they might affect my on-board experience.  The one that stands out the most (and believe me, there are a few that are cool, but that is another article!) is the wave phone system rolled out to all four Disney ships last year.

The wave phone is a system that seems like a no-brainer on a cruise ship.  Each cabin gets two complimentary handsets (other than suite levels, which get four) to use on the ship and on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island.  Additional phones can be rented at an additional charge at the front desk.  You can use the phones to call other phones or staterooms on the ship to stay in touch.  Better yet, the phones can take voicemails and text as well!

Now, the tech obsessed community such as myself always welcomes anything that we can tote around to stay in touch.  Those annoyed by the constant influence of tech in our daily lives are probably wondering why cell phones have invaded their cruise vacation where they don't seem to belong.  For those people, at least the phones are locked to a vibrate only mode to keep from having them ringing all over the place.

I'm hoping these phones will come in super handy on the ship when the wife and I have to separate for any reason.  With kids on board, especially older kids or kids who are napping in the cabin and need someone to stay with them, I can see how the phone system would be extremely useful when the adult in the cabin is going stir crazy and wants to switch off!

Is it worth being always reachable on a vacation?  After the cruise, I'll  be back to let you know how they worked and how easy they are to carry around!

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