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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Norwegian Breakaway Hull Art Debuted

Breakaway Hull Art by Peter Max
The people at NCL took a chance and had a preeminent American artist design the hull art for the new Norwegian Breakaway.  If you've been living in a travel cave, the Breakaway will be NCL's brand new ship sailing year-round from Manhattan.  This was the public's first look at what Norwegian is hoping will become a well-viewed piece of floating art, and it covers 40,000 square feet.  But is it a great look for a new vessel?

I readily admit that I'm not the biggest Peter Max fan, but I do appreciate the decidedly New York vibe to the hull.  It is really nice when a ship reflects its home port (NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty!), and there hasn't been a ship with these kind of amenities sailing from New York in recent memory.  I am, of course not taking anything away from the Queens of the Cunard Line, but they are in an entirely different class of cruising.

There is nothing wrong with the hull, but somehow I was picturing something different when they made this announcement.  I'm hoping when it is seen in person, the art will appear a bit more timeless than it does in the rendering above.  This is Peter Max's style however, so it may look exactly the way it is being shown.  

Can't wait to see it in person next year, and already planning how to get myself on for a sailing.  Like the art?  Don't like it?  Leave your thoughts!  If you are interesting in sailing, give us a call!  We have group space and amenities waiting!

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